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Connecting Communities


March 26 – April 2, 2022

Thank you for being a partner in Connecting Community 2023 hybrid conference

Your participation means a lot to us, and we are happy to have you on the team!

With the Connecting Communities conference, we aim to create a huge community of kinesiologists around the World so that we can share techniques, integrate new visions, and spend time together.

For this reason, partnership is free for associations, schools and even for private companies.


This page explains all details of the partnership. Please save it on your computer and use it as a reference.

These are your benefits for being a partner

  1. 50% affiliate reward for each ticket sold with your affiliate code. You only need to create an affiliate account if you do not have one yet and we will activate this special revenue for all conference tickets.
  2. Logo on the footer of the pages related to the conference/fair.
  3. Free virtual exhibition stand and description page inside Knowlative webapp (only active partners*).
  4. 2 online tickets for free for each sponsor to manage the virtual exhibition stand in the virtual fair (only active partners*).
  5. The possibility to organize a 1-hour meeting online or in presence during the fair. All specific meetings will be recorded, edited, and available in Knowlative WebApp for playback to all participants (only active partners*).
  6. Optional in-presence booth at the conference venue for 200 €: this cost is for all the 3 days of the conference (you need to purchase at least 1 in-presence ticket in addition).

* An Active partner is someone that sell with his/her link or discount code before the fair starts on March 26th at least:

  • 5 on-line tickets or
  • 2 in-presence tickets or
  • 3 on-line and 1 in-presence tickets.

What we expect in return

What we expect from you in return is to help us promoting the event through your communications channels and sell tickets using your affiliate code.

  1. Advertising the conference in your lists and channels (4 or more communications before the conference starts)
  2. Posting/writing about the conference and fair during the conference/fair week (at least 3 communications during the fair week).
  3. Collect any feedback about the Conference you receive and send it to Knowlative to improve the event or our next events together.
  4. Participate to the fair with your virtual exposition table.
  5. Create a description page of your activity inside Knowlative webApp. We will provide free complete access to the webApp for 1 month when you are ready.
  6. Have a wonderful time with us in Tenerife or online.

In the next paragraphs you will find all details regarding each point of the list above.

50% affiliate reward

To calculate the 50% commission on tickets sold, you have been accepted into our affiliate program.

There are two ways to access your profile:

  1. If you are already an Affiliate, just use your usual credentials.
  2. If you applied using the Form, we had registered you as an affiliate. You had received an email with the title “Your account has been approved”. If you can’t find it in your inbox it may be in your spam folder, so just click on the link to accept the invitation.


Whenever you need to revise your account and earned revenue, just log in to:


See the attached tutorial document on how to use the affiliate system.

These are the direct links to the conference tickets (you can copy them from here to create in the affiliate portal a direct affiliate link):

  1. Online Pass:
  2. Tenerife Pass:
  3. 1 One day Pass:


For all purchases your contacts do with your links or coupon of these products, you get 50% of the price of the ticket as a revenue.

Send it via email or message with friends, contacts, and students, and share it in your media channels.

Help your contacts to be part of this amazing event!


  • The revenue will be paid approximately 1 month after the conference ends;
  • The coupon will be valid until the last day of the congress (April 2nd, 2023);
  • If someone requests a refund of the ticket, that commission will not be paid;
  • Only the sales of conference tickets will generate a 50%. revenue, all other products 10%.

Logo on the footer of the pages related to the conference/fair

Your logo and link to your site should be already on the footer of the conference-related pages in K-Conversations website. We will put it also in the Conference journal. If you do not find it or if the link is not correct, please write to and we will fix it.

Free virtual exhibition stand

Each active partner will also have the possibility to set up a virtual booth in the online conference space. Knowlative will prepare the booth, we will need a text, some pictures and, if you want, a video with a maximum length of 1 minute.

During the event, you will be able to chat with the attendants and even to meet them in video call inside the conference virtual space.

We will give you more details on how to prepare this in February 2023.

2 online tickets for free

Each active partner will have 2 free tickets to manage the virtual exhibition stand in the virtual fair. More info on February 2023.

Optional in-presence booth

If you want to be present at the conference venue with your products or initiatives, you can have an exposition table during the 3 days of conference (March 31st, April 1st and 2nd) for only 200 € : this cost is for all the 3 days of the conference (you need to purchase at least 1 in-presence ticket in addition). We need you to confirm this by February 2023.

Confirmed Partners of the Conference

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