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Video of the presentations available in English, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian

Practical applications in every speech

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This year we are going through a new experience; something that has never happened before in human history. As many of us are in lock-down we are facing new challenges, but also finding new possibilities. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many Muscle Response Test, Applied and Specialized Kinesiology meetings have unfortunately been cancelled world-wide this year.
This has inspired us to create a space to share, talk and inform, through an on-line meeting with some of the most eminent world experts in kinesiology.
On May 1 to 4th, we invited you to a live online conference titled, “The Immune system and Stress”. Speakers from around the world shared their knowledge and practical techniques.
Boosting the immune system, protecting ourselves, and coping with stress are the real issues for us now. Living through a pandemic is challenging.
We, Muscle Testers, have many strategies to face stress and strengthen our immune system. Let’s share them with all our colleagues, our students, our clients, our relatives.
Right now, we can choose to expand our knowledge and make the most of the time that we have. It is a great time to improve as practitioners and as students, to share and to learn practical skills. We can use them now; with relatives and online clients, and once we get back to our practices. There is strength in coming together.

Many of you subscribed to the waiting list for the conference once it was sold out. We were not prepared for such a high number of requests and did not manage to let everybody in. We just launched a new version on Knowlative that solves this issue: you can finally buy the access to the video playbacks and to the documents in Knowlative!

  • An International Conference from home, anytime you want.
  • 16 1 hour each presentations in your language (English, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian).
  • 12 Special Connect and Bond moments (in English)
  • 20+ hours of Muscle Response Testing. Some of the leading speakers in the Kinesiology world, sharing their experience.
  • Practical applications in every speech. Something that you can immediately use on yourself or on others, in person or in distance-work.
  • Watch the videos for 3 months in Knowlative, from any device, in your preferred language. Presentations texts with links to cited acupuncture points, hand modes, meridians, vocabulary, etc… Easy to study and keep in mind.
  • Now available with just a free Knowlative account (no subscriptions required in Knowlative).

Conference Playback Price 200 €

Special Pandemic Price 89 €

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