Roots and Innovations


April 16-18, 2021



To access the Conference contents (PDF Journal and Playback Videos) you need a Knowlative account. You can create your FREE account here: CLICK HERE

With your FREE account you can only access the free contents inside Knowlative and the conference contents for 3 months.

You are also receiving a discount code (Access Key). This allows you to create a PRO account with the 1st month entirely for free. If you decide to activate the discount key, you can decide to downgrade anytime.

How can I Download the Journal?

We just published the Journal of the conference in Knowlative so, if you prefer to print it, you will have time before we meet on Friday. The direct link is this: CLICK HERE

You can find all info about the Conference and download the Journal in the reserved area inside Knowlative here (in the media section):  CLICK HERE

How can I join the live event?

To join the live event:

  • If you do not have a Zoom account (Free) associated with the email you used to purchase the ticket, create it here:
  • You will receive an email from Zoom with the personal link 2 hours before the beginning of the conference each day (3 different links for the 3 days).
  • Click on the link when the conference starts (30 minutes before the actual beginning you will be able to enter).


If something does not work:


Where can I find the Schedule?


Find the schedule (in London Time Zone) here: CLICK HERE

Every day has a different schedule so, regardless of where you are located, 1 day will be during your morning, another during your afternoon and, the last one, during your night. If you miss some of the conference you can see the playback in Knowlative. We will upload the edited videos in English approximately 1 week after the conference and the translations in the following weeks.


Simultaneous Translation during the different days

The conference will be completely translated in Russian, German, Italian and Spanish.
Some of the moments will not be translated live but you will find the translated video in Knowlative as soon as we have the audio track and the edited video.


  • Il The “Connect & Bond Half-Day break” will not be translated live: translators need a break, too! We will translate it later, so you do not miss it.
  • Day 1: Live translation will be available only in German and Russian. Italian and Spanish will be available later (it will be during the night in Europe).
  • Day 2: Live translation will be available in German, Russian and Spanish. Italian will be available from 19:30 on (from Michelle’s presentation).
  • Day 3: Live translation will be available in all 4 languages.


Will be the Journal translated?


Since the journal is 164 pages long, we are not able to translate it and it will be available only in English. Some of the Authors provided the translation of their paper in their native language. If you would like to translate a paper in your language and share the translation, we would be glad to upload it in Knowlative if you send it to
All available translations will be uploaded near the video playback of the corresponding presentation.

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