Gut-Brain Axis
1st Collaborative Course 2020



Online Course – Recorded November 13-15, 2020

The event//

After the huge success of the ‘Stress and the Immune System’ conference held in May 2020, Knowlative created another groundbreaking program for the muscle response testing community: The collaborative course.

Introducing the concept of a collaborative workshop//

This course is centered around the enteric system and gut health, bringing new research and techniques to participants. This is an exciting subject where the research has been exploding in the past couple of years! We now understand that the gut-brain axis influences body chemistry and hormones, psychology, mental acuity and more.

This course is taught by  different instructors, moving from the foundational aspects of formatting the anatomy and physiology to chemistry, to Traditional Chinese Medicine and the emotional/psychological aspects. At the end of each day you can find a protocol demonstrated for students to observe and begin to practice. Day 3 is a half day with a practical demonstration and integration of all techniques as well as a panel discussion with all of the instructors.


Every teacher will explore a different aspect of the protocol speaking for 3 hours. At the end of each day you will have a practical demonstration of the protocol explained during the day. You will be able to access the texts of the lessons, the manual and the recorded video in your preferred language in Knowlative for 3 months following the course with a Free Knowlative account (and forever while you have a PRO Knowlative account).

Ian 2
Ian Stubbings
Creator of Stress Indicator Point System - SIPS
Marco Rado
Creator of Integrative Physiology
Chris 2
Chris Astill-Smith
International lecturer on Applied Kinesiology and Functional Biochemistry
Alexis 2
Alexis Costello
Creator of G.E.M.S. Kinesiology, Editor of Kinesiogeek Magazine
  • We will explore:

    • Recap of anatomy and physiology of guts and brain
    • The biochemistry of HCl and pH regulation
    • The synthesis of the various digestive enzymes, their regulation by the different neurotransmitters
    • The vagus nerve and how to stimulate it therapeutically
    • Enteric glia and its role
    • Microbiota and microbiome
    • Probiotics
    • All integrated in a complete protocol

  • And also:

    • Effect of genetic material in digestive tract on epigenetics
    • The effect of light on circadian rhythms of bacteria
    • Cross-talk microbiome and mitochondria
    • Gut-Brain Axis in Chinese medicine
    • Structural work on the guts: thoracic diaphragm and pelvic diaphragm
    • Allostatic load and gut-brain response
    • How body stress creates imbalances in emotional aspects via guts
    • ADHD – Autism and microbiome and psychiatric involvement


To access the course, you need a Knowlative account. If you do not have one yet, you can create a free account here.
The course is structured in 3 days, but you can access the contents in the timing you prefer. Day 1 and Day 2 have a similar structure. Each Day has an introduction, 2 lessons of 3 hours each and a practical demonstration of the protocols of the day. On Day 3 there is a short introduction, a practical demonstration of the whole protocol and a round table.
At the end of the course, you can go to the myKnowledge page and access the Competence Test to receive your Competence Certificate.



Opening of Day 1.

1.2 LESSON 1

Ian Stubbings (SIPS): “Gut-Brain Axis Anatomy, Physiology and Formatting”

1.3 LESSON 2

Marco Rado (Integrated Physiology): “Gut-Brain in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Structural Gut Work”


Revisions of Protocols of Day 1 and closing of the day.



Opening of Day 2.

2.2 LESSON 3

Chris Astill-Smith (Applied Kinesiology and Functional Biochemistry): “Biochemistry of Gut-Brain, Epigenetics and Cranial Nerves”

2.3 LESSON 4

Alexis Costello (GEMS): “Emotions and Personality related to Gut-Brain Axis”


Revisions of Protocols of Day 2 and closing of the day.



Opening of Day 3.


Integrated Protocol and Practical Demonstration


Final Round Table with all speakers and moderators and closing of the Course.


Why register for this online course now?

  • 18 hours of new and dynamic education with four different instructors
  • All Teachers condensed their knowledge in a 3 hour lesson… you will find much more than a normal 3 days course
  • Available anytime for 12 months
  • Practical application and integration of all protocols and techniques, demonstrated for you
  • Exciting integration of 4 different modalities in a complete protocol
  • 300+ pages Manual in digital and printable format
  • Access to all contents in Knowlative so you can easily cross reference techniques, vocabulary, references, etc. (via Knowlative with a FREE account)
  • Complete an online competence test and will receive your Competence Certificate

All this for only  299 €


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